Automation and robotics

Some of the examples manufactured in the various sectors:

In-line plants for:

Electronical circuits assembly – Welding and testing transformers - Formation and testing pipes – Extractors assembly – Trasmission chain assembly – Carts for belts assembly – Conveying and transport - Belts assembly.

Pesatura con imballaggio fibre cemento

Pesatura con imballaggio fibre cemento

Linea champagne

Linea di avvolgitura

Plants on rotary tables for:

Automatic tightening – Terminals electric welding – Soldering – Ultrasonic welding – Cables and clamps assembly – Valves assembly – Coils assembly – Chains assembly – Bending and shaping terminals – Faston insertion – Hot fold plastic material.

Inserimento raccordi tubi

Tavola rotante inserimento terminali su rocchetti

Tavola rotante collaudo accenditori

Automatic machines for:

Automatic load and download – Dashboards assembly – Belts assembly – Laser cut – Piling flanges – Marking and labeling – Fitting and riveting – Calibration thermostats – Testing igniters – Switches testing – Electric valves testing – Transducers testing – Valve leak test – Tightness test pipes.

Selezione perni

Tavola rotante collaudo accenditori

Test serrature

Equipment such as:

Hoppers – Loaders – Elevators – Grippers – Robotic clamps – Vacuum technology.

Robot carico lastre

Testa saldatura lineare

Macchina saldatura carcasse

Carico transfer

Piani cottura

Carico perni

Macchina formatura e saldatura filtri

Macchina taglia tubetti

Impianto lavorazione bussole

Robots for:

Handling – Tool machines interlocking – Load and download moulding machines – Assembly – Cleaning – Palletizing – Panel nailing – Piling – Working isles.